True Light Book Temp Art
A Universe where Light is a Tool, a Weapon,
and perhaps a god.
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Lightriders, Light,Riders, Lightrider, science, fiction, fantasy, SF/F, light,Jonas,Goodwill, Wizzen, magic, biotechnology, biochemistry, wands, space,lightdrive, shipThe Saga of the Lightriders chronicles the epic struggle between the Protectors of the Infinite Light and the Demon Wielder for the universe of the United Sentient Beings. As seen through the eyes of Jonas Goodwill, an apprentice Lightrider, the saga ignites as the Demon Wielder struggles to free itself from its eternal prison in the Vulpecula Anomaly. The ancient evil manipulates an endless horde of malevolent creatures to facilitate its freedom and destruction of the Lightriders.