The Saga of the Lightriders


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The Saga of the Lightriders©
by T.N.Todaro

We all have magical powers, hidden in the secret realm of our genes. For some, it is subtle as a premonition, for others, it is as physical as telekinesis. Imagine a distant future where magical powers have emerged through natural and directed genetic evolution. The Wizzen — wizard engineers — combine this magic with science in a universe where light is a tool, a weapon, and perhaps a god.

      The Saga of the Lightriders chronicles the epic struggle between the Protectors of the Infinite Light and the Demon Wielder for the universe of United Sentient Beings. As seen through the eyes of Jonas Goodwill, an apprentice Lightrider, the saga ignites as the Demon Wielder struggles to free itself from its eternal prison in the Vulpecula Anomaly, and manipulate a horde of malevolent creatures to facilitate its freedom and destruction of the Lightriders. [ more »

To quote The Fabric of History by B'Ria Goodwill, “There are those with an inherent sense of purpose, who seize a catalytic role in their destiny and become a weaver in the fabric of history. Such weavers ... lived when the Lightriders and the first Wizzen combined science, magic, and the fruits of biotechnology to build a better quality of life for all. During this time a horrific evil appeared to threaten the Era of Light. No one saw it coming until it was too late — except for one known as the True Light. There were those who swore these events never happened, but they were...fools and liars — all of them. Eventually, the genetic evolution of true magic began to replace instrumentality. History forgot its heroes. Only our family knew the whole truth, during the time of the True Light.”

TRUE LIGHTTRUE LIGHT ignites The Saga of the Lightriders when a Kr’ill horde ambushes a young Lightrider and assasinates his father. He is accused of the murder and to find the real killers, he seeks the help of a Grand Wizzen, a warrior-archaeologist, an alien schoolmate, and a precocious griffin. Jonas Goodwill travels the worlds of the C’Hamarande, from the ruined planet of an ancient civilization, to the depths of a volcano protected by an insane sorcerer and fire-breathing trollons, and to an asteroid field of magical moonstones in search of the truth. He must use his inherited powers and Lightrider training to overcome sorcerers, fire-beasts, shape-shifters, and his arch nemesis — the Demon Wielder. His life takes on a larger significance when the spirit of his father appears and reveals Jonas' pivotal role in the destiny of all United Sentient Beings. Jonas Goodwill is the embodiment of everyone who asks, “Who am I” and “Why am I here?” The fate of every sentient being rests in those answers. [ more »

Nexus Of SwordsNEXUS OF SWORDS continues The Saga of the Lightriders as the Demon Wielder sets a deadly trap for apprentice Lightrider Jonas Goodwill that would not only mean death for him, but the destruction of the universe of the C’Hamarande Protectorate.

Jonas has returned to the Academa on the Rings of M’rrr — the school in the stars where science and magic are not only taught but improved upon. During a qualifying run to rejoin his beamsurfing team, Jonas is attacked and almost killed by marauding warspheres. He learns that his mentor and physician, B’Obadine Pelucidor, has been kidnapped by minions of the Demon Wielder, forcing the young Lightrider to search for him. Shane of Myanmar and a band of students follow Jonas, some trying to keep him from harm, others with a different agenda.

Jonas seeks the council of Élan priestess Samsun 9010 to find answers, and has a vision of a massacre in deep space, which comes reality when an entire wing of Lightships is destroyed by mysterious forces beyond Racom’s Rift. Jonas finds himself wanted by WAM Peacekeepers, watched by an ancient sect (the Order of the Sheltered Sun), and pursued by minions of the Demon Wielder. Jonas travels to the water world of Acupulaku, where he believes B’Obadine has been imprisoned and must fight his way past a flock of harpies and scores of reptilian guards. In a surprising twist, he finds someone else — someone he believed long dead.

Jonas is forced to form an odd alliance and travel beyond the C’Hamarande to a region of space known as the Nexus of Swords, where he finds himself once again in lethal combat with forces and minions of the Demon Wielder. He encounters a horrific evil and discovers that his close friends and beliefs may be false and dangerous beyond imagination. Not only for the True Light, but for all United Sentient Beings.  [ more »