The Saga of the Lightriders


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Cultures & Civilizations
of the Universe of the Lightriders

by T.N.Todaro

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The Realm of Infinite Light and The United Sentient Beings

A Humaine-like species with large, feline eyes and golden fleece-like hair. Some considered the Altarian civilization to be a utopian model for everyone — except in the view of the Altarians themselves. To others, they are elitist and wealthy pragmatists. The Altarians find such rhetoric puzzling, as it is not in keeping with the Rules of RITE.


Direct genetic descendents of the Human race. Humaines are found on many planets with important roles in USB society. Many have genetically-evolved magical powers. The home world of the Humaines has been lost in history.


Tthe Maje are distant relatives of Humaines. It is rumored that dark magic is still practiced in their covens. Their politic is largely dominated by female Wizzen who control the Coven of the Maje. Their contact with civilizations outside the Constellation of G'Afar is limited, which adds to their mystique.

New Mauritian

A race of noble warriors instantly recognizable by their dark skin and extensive copper-colored ceremonial tattoos, which document ancestral and personal accomplishments.

They have many ancient names. Their original home world was lost in history. When they settled on Mauritius Major and negotiated with the Dendrobium natives to sell serums off-world, they took on the name New Mauritians.

Many New Mauritians have become botanists, caring for the intelligent and native plant live of Maritius Major.

Those who live on the waterworlds of Acupulaku and Aquataine are known as Maurits.


The R’Horne are a beligerent species, intelligent, but often unpleasant. While Altarians are considered aloof, R'Horne are plainly rude. Their face is exaggerated by a long ridge of bone that extends up both sides of the nostrils, curving up the forehead and around his recessed ears. It reminds Jonas of a wild mammal’s horns. Most R'Horne have the disposition of a wild beast lying in wait for prey.


A reptilian-like species. Outwardly argumentative: voice an opinion and the amphibians will generally express the opposing view. Bipedal, they wear skin-tight dress over their scaly bodies. As their saliva is poisonous, they typically wear protection over their feet and exposed extremities.


The Ogalan are large nomadic creatures, reminiscent of large beasts-of-burden. Their large, triangular heads cultivate little hair. Extruded eye sockets that once bulged openly in a dense planetary atmosphere, now show disinterest in life through half-closed eyelids. Mauve, leathery skin should have kept them warm, yet layers of thick clothing suggest that they are always cold. Having only one gender, Ogala do not distinguish the multi-gender inclinations of other species — it works for them.

Their homeworld was destroyed, and they have become nomadic traders and freight ship operators.

Their mass forces them to hunch and constantly shift the weight of their hulking torsos. Gravity is an enemy to their bulk; a limited intellect is enemy to their evolution.


Que’Firs are a race of short, overstuffed creatures. They mine the natural resources of their worlds rather than develop technologies to protect their environment. Their home world is in the K-1 Constellation, but so close to the edge of the nefarious Ratanot star systems that they feel more akin to the settlements of the T'Ritans, G'Offkans, and Sha'Ken.

Zuk, (The Growth)

A species of sentient tree-creatures, connected by a common root system. S'Zuk is the guardian of the Lightbridge on M'Terrene, while others of its rooting have the tasks of growing fruits and flora, and fulfilling other needs of the common Growth.

MesNe-Ra A messenger of the sun spirit. Little is known of the MesNe-Ra, except that they are bringers of good fortune and health.

The Infinite Light

From the spiritual beliefs of the Lightriders. Some argue that Light is the strongest force in the universe, that it is everywhere and has influence over everything, including the other powers. Some say it is a presence, guiding, educating, nurturing — some believe it actually saved all civilization once…

The Realm of Absolute Darkness
The Demon Wielder

Species unknown. (See character description)


A species of shape-shifters. Thought to be extinct, though from time to time, one seems to appear and cause havoc. They sell their services to the highest bidder as assassins and mercinaries.


The Kr'ii are mindless minions of the Demon Wielder. Their star systems were conquored by the Vulpecula Anomaly. Kr'ill are repulsive by nature, deadly by design. Beneath dead-blue skin, their veins glow and pulse like flowing lava; eyes the color of fresh blood glared from dark hoods. Their bone-chilling howls strike fear in their prey.


The fate of the Sha’Ken Empire is dramatically similar to that of the Kr’ill. Their absorption by the Demon Wielder completed its conquest of the Vulpecula constellation. And it presented the demon with a species of followers who showed more promise than the mindless Kr’ill. To ensure their unquestioning obedience, it appears as a manifestation of the demon, Zahra Dolodun, to evoke their greatest fears.

However, unlike the passive lair mentality of the Kr’ill, the Sha’Ken begrudged the forfeit of their worlds. Driven into exile across the void of space and forced to adopt the ways of other cultures, the Sha’Ken had ample reason to be bitter.

A renegade faction calling itself the Fre’Ken — the Freedom Clan — began to invade one star system after another and blame the USB Council for their ill fortune, instead of their true nemesis. Diplomatically referred to as the Sha’Ken Crisis, the conflict resulted in the loss of many lives before the Fre’Ken were defeated. The surviving Sha’Ken were flushed to the rim of the Sagitton constellation where the Ratanots festered.

The males and females are distinctly different. Males are thin workers, subservient to the dominant females which are typically obese. Their snouts have an acute sense of smell. Their eyepods rotate giving them excellent peripheral vision.


Related to the tree-creatures of the Growth. However, like the Dendrobium, the Je'Zuk have pulled up root and have become mobile.

Je'Zuk have the general appearance of an angry bundle of serpents, and a temperament to match. They manage some commerce, such as the apothecary shop on M'Terrene.

Other Species and Civilizations
Pixxels Small creatures with primate-like body, purplish-blue fur, pointed feline ears, and wings that beat with frenzied speed. Deceptively charming, they have long furry tails, large round eyes and rows of sharp teeth. They are found on a number of remote planets and because of their mischievous nature, are considered poor pets.

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