The Saga of the Lightriders


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Dictionary / Terminology
by T.N.Todaro


Nachten Night
Monaten Month
Yahren Year
Light-yahren Light-year
Kilomen Approximately a Kilometer

(n) The art of riding on beams or photons of light, a popular sport for amateur and professional alike.

(v) To beamsurf

Elan (n) A sect of the Lightriders focused on the mystical and spiritual aspects of existence and the Infinite Light.
Lightbridge (n) A transportation device that uses light as a conduit. Two are required, one functions as a transmitter and the other as a receiver. Any Lightbridge may be used to travel to another Lightbridge, providing the traveler knows the coordinates.
Lightdrive (n) A bio-engineered engine that carries a space ship (transwaver) on light waves. The engine collects light as a power source. Once the pilot finds the unique light signature of the target, the lightdrives ride the available light spectrum to the ship’s destination. The concept is similar to the way a radio signal rides on an FM carrier wave.
Intrabridge (n) A “local” Lightbridge used on large ships between different levels or compartments. Limited in size and transportation distance.
Magnadrive (n) A type of engine that creates a magnetic repulsion field to move a vessel through space, typically an older ship with limited technology.
Navigator (n) A person trained as part guide, advisor, and WAM guard.
Pseudosphere (n) A bio-engineered flying device used for reconnaissance and personal protection. Armed and defensive.
SOL1 (abbr) The speed of light.
Transwaver (n) A space ship that uses one or more bio-engineered lightdrives to travel along beams of light.
Transputer (n) An computer, typically one based on crystal memory.
Waveriding (see beamsurfing)
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