The Saga of the Lightriders


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Chronology of Lightrider Novels
by T.N.Todaro

The Lightriders is a wealth of character-driven novels with fascinating characters, memorable villains, richly-detailed alien cultures, and compelling storylines. Nine books are planned, beginning with an epic trilogy followed by two series of novels on different timelines, each with their own principal characters.

The Saga of the Lightrider© is seen through the eyes of apprentice Lightrider Jonas Goodwill. True Light and Nexus of Swords ignite and reveal the epic peril.

Fires of Vulpecula and The Steward of K-Ylix Prime occur over a thousand yahren (years), which dramatically expand the epic nature of the saga.

While True Light and Nexus are complete novels, each with a satisfying ending, Fires and Steward may be combined into one longer novel entitled Empire of Light.

This sets the stage for TWO timelines of additional story development:

On the current timeline: The Adventures of the Jonas Goodwill© are three full adventures with the maturing Jonas Goodwill as he graduates the Academa and becomes a young adult Lightrider, with his friends from the first three books, plus a new love interest and many new characters.

New titles will include:

  • The Demon of Proponus
  • The Army Within
  • Rogue Light

On another timeline: The Legend of the Lightriders© (or When Legends were Young) encompasses a new series of new, full-length novels for the YA female reader featuring Janelle Jollie, a Laura Croft-like apprentice with developing magical powers. She is a student who becomes Jonas’ protégé.

New titles will include:

  • Mauritius Rising
  • The Last Dragon

The Legend of the Lightriders with Janelle Jollie series are prequel novels with a heroine, who will dramatize events in the universe of the Lightriders over the millennia leading up to the Saga. The Legend of the Lightriders will also chronicle the early times of the Lightrider's as they strive to bring the known universe into a era of peace and enlightenment by converting the old sorcerers and ways of the black arts to the new philosophy of the Wizzen, the Rules of RITE, and establish the Council of United Sentient Beings.

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