The Saga of the Lightriders


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The Saga of the Lightriders©
by T.N.Todaro

The Saga of the Lightriders is a high-concept, richly-detailed, multivolume epic fantasy quest that chronicles the legendary struggle between the Protectors of the Infinite Light and the Demon Wielder for the universe of the United Sentient Beings. As seen through the eyes of Jonas Goodwill, an apprentice Lightrider, the Saga ignites when an ancient evil struggles to free itself from its eternal prison at the core of the Vulpecula Anomaly, a collapsed region of space so consuming that nothing can escape. The Demon Wielder manipulates an endless horde of malevolent creatures to facilitate its freedom and destruction of the Lightriders. Light is a tool, a weapon and perhaps a god.

Lightrider Sects

The Lightriders are a timeless legion of scientists, philosophers, mystics, and warriors. Many embrace the practices of more than one sect.

Protectors of the Infinite Light. The militant sect, charged with guarding against the forces of Absolute Darkness and the threat of the Demon Wielder. Dav’d Goodwill, slain father of Jonas, was considered the finest of the Protectors. Protectors can be likened to the Crusaders of Earth’s own middle ages, but they have a clear mandate from the Infinite Light.

Élan. The priests, shaman, and philosophers. Many are psychics or telepathic. Their roles range from missionary work throughout the Protectorate of the C’Hamarande to guidance councilors for students at the Academa.

Wizzen. The sorcerers of old no longer exist. The scientists and magicians have combined their powers to become the Wizzen — wizard engineers. Their knowledge of magic and science has helped build a better life for all United Sentient Beings.

The bioengineers of Genopsys are a sect of Wizzen devoted to the development of genetically-engineered products through on-going research. There is a fine moral line drawn between cloning and genetic modification of sentients, a conflict that erupts into kidnapping, murder and the creation of an illicit new species of beings.

WAM. Weapons, Armament, and Machines Officers: A military-style, law-enforcement group that operate under the command of the Council of United Sentient Beings. Most Lightriders view themselves as mentors, philosophers, but not warriors, so not all Lightriders join the WAM. They view their role as interstellar peacekeepers, although they are often called upon in matters of unrest. While they attempt to settle events without violence, they possess a military might that is unequalled in the known universe — or so they believed.

Order of the Sheltered Sun. A secret sect of individuals pledged to protect the Infinite Light from the return of the Demon Wielder.

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