The Saga of the Lightriders


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The Academa consists of five colleges and twelve schools located on the Academa Ring in orbit over the mystical star of M’rrr. As the pinacle of education, the school’s reputation is legendary: “The Academa is where the laws of nature and magic are not only taught, but improved upon.”

The College of Realities consists of the School of Truths (Past, Present and Future Events that can be proven) and the School of Economics, Mathematics and Finance.

The College of Sciences has three schools: the School of Physical Sciences (Physics & Chemistry of nonliving things); the School of Neurosensory and Medicine (Living things in the USB realm); and the School of Wands, Armaments and Machines, which is the training ground for WAM officers, and Navigators.

The College of Powers has three campuses including the School of Incantations, the School of Magnetic and Cosmic Influences, and the School of Metaphysical Sciences and Phenomena.

The College of Expressions consists of the School of the Arts (visual arts, music, writing); and the School of Languages (written, spoken, implied and telepathic).

The College of Beliefs is home to the School of Societies, Ethics, and Religions, and the School of Lightriders. The Lightrider training school was the most extensive and arduous requiring a high level of merit as a Lightrider apprentice in training.

There is no separate school for Government or Politics, as many do not view these areas as sciences. The political advocates, in their superstitious ways, do not want to be the thirteenth school. So, students are required to earn degrees from the School of Beliefs, the School of Truths, and the best teacher — direct experience working with the USB Council. Graduates are permitted to run for elected public office.

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