The Saga of the Lightriders


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Geos-P'X is also known as The Station of the Ages. Built a millennium before the events of the True Light began by the first Lightriders and their Wizzen disciples. Geos-P’X was the great neutral arena for the last feuding species to resolve their differences.

After a galactic struggle that almost saw the demise of Light, there was a long season of healing between the known, sentient civilizations. It was not without considerable tribulations. Forget language barriers. Lifestyle, customs, racial or religious beliefs — whole perceptions of reality needed to be understood and respected. Those feuding civilizations who could not overcome their prejudices needed a neutral oasis to communicate with each other and resolve differences.

Geos-P’X remembered well the brilliant biotechs that gave birth to the giant space station. Its creators engineered large molecular libraries of proteins, and directed the genetic evolution of these bio-materials into components of the new station. Giant stabilizer fins protected the structure’s honeycombs of quarters. Separate chambers maintained an environment to suit the current occupant. The station’s core converted vast energies drawn from the rings to fuel the station’s utilities and magnadrive.

It was a slow birth, but Geos-P’X was patient in its role. The station's crystal mind vividly recorded four hundred yahren of conflicts as some races settled their issues peacefully inside; others only through running battles and duels about its exterior.

When the last major species was accepted into the United Sapient Beings, Geos-P’X was retired into deep space by its builders. Through it all, Geos-P’X remained patient and tolerant, as befitting its programming. Until the horrific events and deadly ambush in its veins caused its crystal mind to reactivate the station, and return to its original orbit near the ChichNia One system.

The novel TRUE LIGHT begins and ends on Geos-P’X, and is suggestive of the structure of the larger saga.

The name Geos-P’X translated means “Peace of the world” (or “Peace on earth”).

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