The Saga of the Lightriders


Star Map



CHICHNIA RegionK-Nadu is a secluded planet in the ChichNia-12 system where carbon and crystal-based life forms grow in harmony. It is common to see clusters of dichroic crystals nestled in fields of lush grass and wild flora. The planet’s natural beauty rivals the exotic, resort worlds of the elites. Seasons are mild; cloud patterns seldom merged into anything more than light showers — “liquid sunshine” the locals called it. The capital city is Namuré.

Humaine, R’Horne, Altarian, T’Ritan, and a few others had settled here, and for the most part each maintained an intellectual respect for the other. Far removed from the interest and bureaucracy of the galaxy-politic, free enterprise and commercialism thrived; the geniuses that proclaimed a utopian society could not coexist with currency or barter were wrong.

The planet of K-Nadu is home to Wizzen B’Obadine Pelucidor, the Humaine physician. The nearest village to B'Obadine's home is called Leuvené .

The volcano of Zucchetto is also located on a remote island on K-Nadu. Zucchetto is the source of the sunstones, one of the ingredients that Wizzen Magellan of Proponus needs to transmute into the Orb of Tlaquepaq. However, our young Lightrider will have to outwit Ozumell, an eccentric sorcerer and survive the mammoth trollons that guard the depths of the volcano where the sunstones are found.

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