The Saga of the Lightriders


Star Map



CHICHNIA RegionThe planet of K-Ylix Prime has been long rumored in archaeological circles to be the ancient center of government and civilization. It is now little more than a desolate world in orbit about the dying sun of ChichNia One.

Nearest K-Ylix Prime, the two neighboring worlds are inexplicably reduced to massive belts of asteroids. K-Ylix Prime's shattered moon is also little more than a field of debris, however the magnetic moonstones are an important component required to make the Orb of Tlaquepaq.

Wizzen Ulua Rektrek believes there is truth to the rumors of the importance of K-Ylix Prime and is conducting an archaeological expedition at the ruins of the Library of Axiiom to prove his theory. He discovers how to pass through the walls like a spirit and gain entrance to the library's ancient secrets crystal journals.

A number of important ruins and artifacts are found, including the Library of Axiiom, the Lost Decagon and the Temple of Greisens.

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