The Saga of the Lightriders


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MTERRENEM'Terrene is a forest world in the K-1 constellation. The planet's nearby sun keeps M'Terrene warm and lush, while a second, brighter, distant sun suggests that this might be a binary system.

The abundant vegetation emits a complex fragrance. Only the Dendrobium flora species on Mauritius Major is more intoxicating. In the forest of the Growth, immense branches reached out to bask in the affectionate rays of first light as the forest swayed to a primordial rhythm that only it could hear. Playful breezes danced through the cobalt blue foliage, rustling like leafy insects. The lush landscape is warm with life. Small, winged creatures busily service the blooming flora. Rainbow-plumed birds soar noisily from tree to tree; their lively song adds lyric to the concert of the forest.

S'Zuk of the Growth, the Je'Zuk, a reptilian species and a number of off-worlders live here.

The principal city of M’Terrene nests in the upper boughs of a gigantic cluster of trees. The city consists of hundreds of structures built between the upper boughs of the branches; some seem to grow out of the trunk itself. Its crest is hidden in the clouds. Hundreds of small ships fly in and out of the treetop, their destinations unknown. A massive network of intertwined trunks are supported by large roots that stretch across the landscape. Some roots extend through the soil to the edge of a cliff and into the waters of an ocean below. The foliage supports long, massive vines that drape from one bough to the next. The pulse of the city can be seen through the vines as inhabitants go about their life. A natural relationship exists between sentient and non-sentient creatures here, but this gathering place had a dark secret. Why was the city not built on the ground. What is there to fear?

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