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Tony N. Todaro - Scrapbook
 LosCon 32 - The Annual Los Angeles Science Fiction Convention Nov 2005

Harry Turtledove (L), Michael Z. Williamson (C), and T.N.Todaro (R)

"Dealing with Writer's Block: Which Kind Do You Have?" Always a lively time with Tim and Karen; my first panel with Diana and I hope not my last.

Pictured: T.N.Todaro (L), Diana Glyer, John DeChancie, Michael Wentz, Karen Willson, and Tim Powers.

TIm Powers (L) and Turtledove (L), T.N.Todaro (R)

A panel on "Building a Bible for your Novel Series." This panel covered a lot of ground and took some interesting paths.

Pictured: T.N.Todaro (L), Chris Weber, Maria Alexander, Keven Andrew Murphy, Steven Barnes

Tony N. Todaro with David Gerrold

An interesting panel on "Legal Issues for Web Designers." It was here that I had the pleasure of meeting with Scott Beckstead, and forming a friendship that led to my becoming more actively involved with LASFS.

Pictured: T.N.Todaro (L), Christine Valeda, Scott Beckstead, Curt Steindler, and Cat Devereaux (not pictured).

Photos by Lillian Todaro.
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