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Tony N. Todaro - Scrapbook
WESTERCON 61 - July 4th weekend 2008
Kathryn Daugherty did a terrific job programming this small, but personally rewarding convention. Las Vegas was 107-112 degrees, and only dropped into the 90's at night. A highlight was watching the Fourth of July fireworks from the roof of the JW Marriott garage with Diana, Mike and Sierre Glyer, Cary Meriwether, and Ron and Val. From our vantage five miles outside of town in Summerlin, we were able to see a dozen fireworks shows at the same time.

Kage Baker (GOH), Jacqueline Lichtenberg, Kevin Andrew Murphy, Tony N. Todaro

"Fantasy: Is the Magic Gone?" This was the first time I spoke on a panel with Kage, who is a delight, and Kevin Andrew Murphy who is so well-read in so many facets of the genre, that along with Jackqueline's educator perspective, made for a terrific panel and kicked the whole convention off to an energetic start.

Kage Baker (GOH), Jacqueline Lichtenberg, Kevin Andrew Murphy, Tony N. Todaro

Tony N. Todaro with Diana Pavlac Glyer, Larry Niven, at Westercon 2008

"Writers Block: Literary Performance Anxiety" Cleverly, Kathryn put in the panel description "Note to editor: Let me get back to you on this...I'll give you the description when I can think of what to say." I'd go to the opening of a loaf of bread to be on a panel with Diana and Larry.

Diana Pavlac Glyer, Larry Niven, Tony N. Todaro (M)


"Art and The Internet" - When one of the original panelists dropped out, we were able to recruit GOH artist, LUBOV to sit in and speak. A normally reclusive celebrity, Lubov (which is Russian for "love") added an international flavor to the panel. We also added a local artist from the audience who gave us some additional perspective.  (no photo available)

Theresa Marie Mather, Tony N. Todaro (M), Lubov joined us


Tony N Todaro at Westercon 61 - 2008

"Authors and Editors" This seeming innocent panel about how to establish and maintain a positive relationship between a writer and his/her editor took on an interesting flavor when someone in the audience continually interrupted to talk about their self-published novel.  Granted, there was a line in the description that read: "Is self-publishing the great liberator by getting rid of the editor altogether, or only the road to mediocrity?" But this person didn't understand that the panel got the first say. However, we managed to have a lively and informative conversation, despite the interruptions. (To add insult to injury, the guy called me at home afterwards to continue his tirade!)

Tony N. Todaro, Larry Niven, Deirdre Saoirse Moen

Tony N Todaro at Westercon 2008

"How to Break an Editor's Spirit" This Sunday morning panel was a bit of an eye-opener as Deirdre revealed many of her legitimate frustrations as an editor, while Jacqueline talked about the New York state of mind, and I discussed methodologies to avoid problems in the first place.

Jacqueline Lichtenberg, Deirdre Saoirse Moen, Tony N. Todaro

Photos by TOM .
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