The Saga of the Lightriders


Star Map



M'rrr is an artificially-evolved celestial star in the mystical center of the known universe. The faithful believe that it has become the “home” of the Infinite Light.

MRRR symbolic IllustrationThe United Sentient Beings have begun to build three gigantic artificial Rings around M’rrr. Although the rings are little more than gigantic arcs under constant construction, the cities of chrome and gold-mirrored buildings are a dazzling spectacle. Delicate, ribbon-like walkways connect the structures. Each building seems taller than the next as they taper in graceful spires at the edge of the atmosphere.

Capital Ring is home to the Council of the USB, the elected government of the known civilizations. The Lightriders have a substantial presence here. On the Rings of M’rrr, one can fulfill their dream to serve the government of United Sentient Beings on the Capital Ring, or earn a place in USB history as a worker on the newest Ring. There is minimal crime, no poverty, and universal species tolerance — within limits. The Rings of M’rrr have become a magnet to all civilizations unlike any other in interstellar history.

The Academa Ring is home to the five colleges and twelve schools that provide education and research. The Academa is where the laws of nature and magic are not only taught, but improved upon. Prospective students come from all corners of the known universe seeking enrollment — if they can prove they are worthy.

The third ring is in its early stages of construction, and in our first novels, is unnamed. When the other rings become threatened, it will become the Hydra Ring, a new resource for agriculture, fresh water and atmosphere.

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